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From Nikon School Training Specialist Mark Higgins

"Colour plays an integral part in our emotions"

Mark Higgins shares his Top Tips for shooting Colour Photography:

  • If your camera has picture controls, set yours to ‘Vivid’. This will help bring out the vibrant, saturated colours, to make your pictures really stand out. The key to using strong colours successfully is in keeping the composition simple. Including lots of different colours in a photo lessens their impact. For maximum effect, stick to a few blocks of bold colour.
  • Look for single subject colours and let that one colour dominate. This can make for a very visually striking image. The effect is even stronger when the dominant colour is a primary colour (red, yellow or blue).
  • Look for abstract details that display colour, for example patterns of colours like lines or shapes.
  • Don't overlook the power of black and white. It simplifies what you see and allows the eye to focus on the detail rather than the colour - exactly what you are aiming for with a photograph of textures.
  • When you see colour in a photo, you will have an emotional response to it, especially if colour has been used strongly in the composition. Red, for instance, is a warm colour.

With a background of working with professional photographers, Mark has supported and trained at every level of product that Nikon has to offer.

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